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Thanks for playing! If you have feedback, please email me at philipp.lenssen@gmail.com.

Unless otherwise noted all games are created by GamesfortheBrain.com, Philipp Lenssen.

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“... get into shape in a more leisurely fashion at Games For The Brain. From Suduko to jigsaws to word puzzles and more, there are plenty of brain busting time wasters here for you to enjoy.”
BBC Click

“Wake up the grey matter with these cool brain games.”
– KezBlog

“Wow...this is great. My sons love it.”
– Shirl K.

“A cool little website chok full of neat games that make your head hurt.”
– Kotaku

“... i can't believe how addicted i am!”
– Linda Roth, Sacramento, California

“A breath of fresh air in the otherwise stagnant, too full of cute little bunnies or rapping aliens field”
– Wendy Boswell, About.com

“... some real gems here.”

“Games for the Brain is excellent for a little tune-up for the part that thinks.”
– Infopeople

– Gary Price, ResourceShelf


Shipfind created by Luke Rissacher.

Manyland is co-created with Scott Lowe.

Mahjongg Solitare and Freecell is created by Thomas Weibel and owned by Tokke BV, used with permission. Minehunter, inspired by Microsoft's Minesweeper, is by Erik Arvidsson and used here with his permission.

Snake & Tetris game with permission by Grégoire Divaret.

Thanks for the Chinese translation to Shan. Thanks for the Slovak translation to Emperror. Thanks for the Croation translation to Stefan Specina. Thanks to Rani for Indonesian translation tips.
The paintings used in games have been passed to the public domain. Other images are Creative Commons licensed and credited to their respective owners, or created by me.
The Checkers JavaScript is a modified version of a script that can be found in various games online.
The Drag & Drop library used in Draggers is based on a free library by Walter Zorn.
Thanks to Jess Lee for letting me use some of her artwork.

Please note pages here are licensed under Creative Commons.

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